Brand Embossing

New Product Bulletin – Logo Embossing

Tripar now offers customers the option of having their name and/or logo embossed directly into a variety of parts!

Names & logos can be stamped into most parts (e.g. Plaster Frames & I.C.Boxes), subject to only a few limitations*. These are:

  • Material thickness must be less than 0.03”
  • Embossment overall size cannot exceed 3” wide (76mm) x 5/8” (16mm) high

*There may be other fine detail limitations such as small wording or fine symbols such as ®™

Adding your own branding into a variety of parts has never been so affordable; starting at $800 for the embossing die.

Just send us your files, tell us what part(s) you would like embossed, and we’ll send you our quote!

To obtain more information please contact our sales team at

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