Linear Clip & Plaster Frame

New Product Bulletin – Linear Clip* & Plaster Frame*
A revolutionary reflector retention system

For retaining aluminum reflectors, our new linear clip (item # 0043), with compatible plaster frames, offer a multitude of innovative features not found with traditional roto-clips, and with none of their disadvantages.

With 5/8″ linear movement in 1/8” increments, the linear clip accommodates a wide range of reflector sizes, provides variable pressures exerted upon the reflector, as well as varying degrees of resistance to the reflector slipping out and ease of removal.

Installation is a snap since the linear clip slides within guides in the plaster frame, requiring neither installation tools, riveting, nor any fastening means. With the clip tips hand squeezed together, the pinholes are released from the captive pin within each guide in the plaster frame, allowing the clips to be advanced or retracted.

Other advantages over traditional roto-clips include:

    • No need for installation tools allows on site installation or
    • Varying reflector sizes can fit into a single plaster frame, reducing inventory of distinct plaster
    • Low contact point height reduces potential slippage on reflectors that rapidly curve inward.
    • The ability to secure the reflector off center with respect to the main hole in the plaster frame. This allows the reflector flange to conceal larger blemishes in the ceiling panel adjacent to the hole that may have arisen when its hole was cut. Simply extending two adjacent springs more, and two opposing springs less will offset the reflector in the desired

Additional features of roto-clips, which remain with the linear clip, include:

  • The clips are fully retractable, allowing the plaster frame hole to serve as a template for cutting the ceiling panel.
  • Inclined gripping tooth so that rotation of the reflector in the same direction as the teeth inclination (counterclockwise), causes the reflector to be cammed downward for easy

Compatible plaster frames are currently available in the following sizes. Additional sizes will be introduced as demand dictates:

1- Diameter as measured approx. 5/8″ above the reflector flange.

With the linear clip’s overwhelming advantages over roto-clips, we anticipate that this will become the best and most requested reflector retention system.

Linear Spring Clip, Patented #7,374,308.

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