T-Grid Plate

New Product Bulletin – T-Grid Plate

Need to anchor a driver, battery pack, or other device above T-Bar drop ceiling?

Use our customizable T-Grid Plate with a pair of bar hangers! Integral bar hanger pockets on opposing sides accept our proven 1287 bar hangers; extendable from 14” to just over 24”, and offer a variety of mounting features, including notches for resting on T-Bar.

T-Grid plate ends may be flat or bent up 90⁰. Kept flat, the plate measures 14” long, allowing the device to overhang the plate if needed. Bent up, the plate measures 12” long, creating a pocket for the device thus limiting its length, but is an option to increase rigidity as plate width and device weight increase.




T-Grid Plate, 12-1/8” long x custom width


T-Grid Plate, flat ends, 13-7/8” long x custom width

Note: Replace X with width required; e.g. 1405-2-FE for 2″ wide flat plate with flat ends.



+ #1287 Bar Hangers



+ #1287 Bar Hangers

To obtain more information please contact our Sales Team at Sales@TriparInc.com.

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