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Newsletter January 2017 Safety Award

New Capability

Tripar has just purchased a new 4-axis CNC Milling machine. As we bring this on-line, it will add to Tripar’s capabilities by allowing us to:

  • Reduce die manufacture time, allowing for parts to get into production sooner.
  • Advancing our ability to make more complex dies, allowing the parts to be made in one die, instead of multiple operations, potentially lowering the unit price.
  • Offer value added production machining of our metal stampings if/where required, allowing the customer to get parts fully manufactured at Tripar, shortening lead time.

Safety Award

In December 2016 Tripar were finalists in a Quebec ‘CNESST’ (the Quebec equivalent of OHSHA) safety award. Tripar developed a concept whereby a factory worker can hitch a heavy metal components storage container to one of our electric pallet trucks to safely relocate it to our required manufacturing cell.

It was proposed by an factory worker through ‘Tripar’s Suggestion Program’. Its success has greatly reduced the chance of injury and sped up the task for the worker.

L-Bar™ Success

Tripar’s #1487 L-Bars (Patents pending) were launched in September 2016 and have been a real success. With multiple customers adding them to their product line and over 500,000 ordered in four months, this product has the potential to become the ‘Standard’ in the commercial bar market.

Customer testimonials include:

  • Congratulations. The bar hangers are real winners!!!
  • We like the universal aspect of both sides of the hanger bar being the same unit
  • Awesome, these are strong and indeed feature packed
  • What a great idea, these will become standard on all our fixtures

To view the product, please click here.

If you would like any more information on these new products, please contact Connie Muro at

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