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Metal Fabrication Services for Businesses

Get your metal parts shipped in 3 to 5 business days.  

  • Laser cutting
  • Metal forming
  • Metal stamping
  • Embossing & engraving
  • Metal finishing (powder coating, painting, plating)
  • Spot welding
  • And more

Our expertise is sheet metal fabrication for businesses needing 100s to millions of units annually.

*conditions apply

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*For fast quotes please upload your technical drawings (.dxf/.dwg) and CAD models. Min Quote 100+ pcs.

Sheet Metal Fabrication for Businesses Everywhere

We turn sheet metal into innovative parts & products

Why Tripar?

Here's everything you get

Pre production


Post production

1Design for Manufacturability (DFM): All projects come with a free DFM analysis from our engineering team. We will offer recommendations to save on your design and unit costs without affecting quality.
2AAA tooling service ($7500 yearly value): If your metal products requires tooling, we will store, maintain & repair your client-owned dies at our facility free of charge as our service to you (for as long as you keep ordering those parts.)

Our Services

we do it all

cnc punch laser machine

Laser cutting

CNC punching sheet metal


sheet metal bending at a factory


metal forming


CNC spot welding fabrication

Spot welding

Metal stamping


hvac sheet metal ductwork production floor parts assembly


metal fab packaging services female worker


shipping metal components stacked boxes plastic wrapped, trucking dock station



Innovation is a top priority for the Lumenpulse brand which is why Tripar is a great partner. Tripar has been our preferred vendor for many years.” 

– Lumenpulse Group

“We’ve been working with Tripar for 20 years now and have never been disappointed. They’re always ready to help us in finding the best solutions for our needs.” 

– SistemaLux

“TRIPAR as being our main metal fabricator for 20 years. They have always been available to help us in any way. We’re obviously very satisfied with their high quality work, professionalism and on-time deliveries.”

– Northern Light Technologies


What is sheet metal fabrication?

It's the process of turning sheet metal into metal parts and useful products. We handle thicknesses up to 0.25" (10 gauge thickness.)

What are your lead times?

Our lead times are from 3 business days for simple CNC metal fabricated parts. For complex products and custom materials, lead times may vary.

For metal stamped parts, lead times may be several weeks (as tooling is required) but will cost you far less in the long run. It's not uncommon for clients to save $50K up to $1M+/year on parts with metal stamping. Metal stamping is determined by volume, part size, and complexity. Our goal is to help you save.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Yes, our minimum order quantity is 100+ units. We specialize in mid to large volume production (1K to 5M units/year) for businesses and OEMs.

Do you offer prototyping?

Yes, we offer prototyping services and product development support for clients.

Do you offer free shipping?

Absolutely! We offer free shipping on volume orders (conditions apply.) Please contact us to see if your business is eligible.

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