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Metal Stamping

With 100+ presses, 1600+ open-tooled dies and expert in-house toolroom, Tripar’s capabilities include progressive stamping, blanking, punching, bending, engraving, marking, embossing, rolling, drawing and deep drawing. For high volumes and the lowest possible unit cost.

CNC Fabrication

With Tripar’s vast CNC capabilities and experience, we manufacture a wide range of sheet metal components through laser cutting, punching, bending, forming, spot welding, shearing, riveting, clinch joining and assemblies too. For low volumes and fastest lead times.

Proudly serving 350+ clients in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia

Recessed Lighting

Full line of stocked items: Plaster frames, I.C. Boxes, Junction boxes, Brackets, Hanger bars, canopies for UL1598.


Experience manufacturing diffusers, grills, faceplates, louvers, housings, brackets, hinges, nameplates.

Warehouse Racking

Metal components includes shims, brackets and supports for new and existing warehouses.


Range of sheet metal components for central vacuums, extractor fans and storage cases


Many years producing engraving plates, shielding cans and washers

The Tripar Advantage

What sets us apart

Tripar is one of the few suppliers that offers full hybrid manufacturing; CNC fabrication, metal stamping, or a combination of both processes to reduce your unit costs. We help clients at every stage of their manufacturing life cycle; allowing you to scale production, reduce risk and costs, and succeed. We produce a vast range of sheet metal components and products for OEM businesses in various industries - from prototypes to millions of units a year.

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