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Metal Stamping

With over 100 presses, 1500 dies, in-house die design & toolroom, and a wide selection of coil material, Tripar’s metal stamping manufacturing capabilities include progressive stamping, blanking, punching, bending, engraving, marking, embossing, rolling, drawing and deep drawing, offering reduced cost, improved accuracy and surface finish.

CNC Fabrication

Through Tripar’s vast CNC capabilities and experience, we manufacture a wide range of sheet metal components using equipment and processes such as laser cutting, punching, press brake, metal forming, spot welding, shearing, riveting, clinch joining and assembly.

Tripar serves multiple industries and clients in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia.

Some of the industries served

Recessed Lighting

Full selection of stock components including Plaster frames, I.C. Boxes, Junction boxes, Brackets, Hanger bars, canopies for UL1598 .


Experience manufacturing diffusers, grills, faceplates, louvers, housings, brackets, hinges, nameplates.

Warehouse Racking

Components produced include shims, brackets and supports.


Range of sheet metal components for central vacuums, extractor fans and storage cases


Many years producing engraving plates, shielding cans and washers

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The Tripar Advantage

What sets us Apart

Tripar is uniquely positioned to support our clients at every stage of the manufacturing life cycle, allowing them the ability to scale, reduce cost and succeed. This is achieved through our range of metal services; engineering support for all pre-production requirements, CNC metal fabrication and metal stamping capabilities to produce a vast range of metal components in multiple industries, with quantities ranging from prototypes to millions of units annually

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Slim Airtight Junction Box (2-1/8” tall)

Our new Slim Airtight Junction Box* measures only 2-1/8” tall (x 5-7/8” wide x 1-7/8” deep; 21 offering two significant benefits; the 5-7/8” length allows for installation flexibility of long drivers, and, the 2-1/8” cover height allows for withdrawal through such small ceiling openings! Like our other airtight Junction Boxes, the Slim J-Box and mating covers are also available on their own; Snap-on inner junction box cover (#1742-31) is

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Mini Airtight I.C. Box, 2-1/4” High

Reduced ceiling space + little thought for downlighting requirements = Need for lower profile IC boxes. Responding to ever-reducing height requirements, we are pleased to introduce our lowest height Airtight IC Box yet; our Mini at only 2-1/4” tall. Like our Ultra Shallow (3-1/2” tall) IC Box1, this one also measures 9-5/8” long x 8-1/2” wide. Fitted with our 1286 series plaster frames, the overall footprint remains the same as

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Sheet Metal Design – What is a K-factor?

Introduction One of the phenomena sheet metal fabricators must contend when bending parts is something called bending allowance. The reason for this is that when metal is bent, the material on the inside of the bend compresses, while the material on the outside stretches, and not by equal amounts (for reasons that get too technical even for this article). The result is that the workpiece actually “grows” in overall size

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