Tripar Engineering Services

Tripar’s experience and capabilities make us uniquely positioned to support our clients through all stages of the product manufacturing life cycle.

Tripar’s engineering ‘backbone’ allows us to support all required pre-production elements, from Design for Manufacturability (DFM), 3D Modelling, and Technical drawing creation, through to Prototyping and Sampling.

Additionally, Tripar has full knowledge of the metal components requirements to meet a variety of industry related standards (e.g. UL 1598 for Luminaires). Tripar also have a wide range of ‘off the shelf’ components, UL ready, and our engineers can offer guidance to ensure compliance to UL regulations.

Design for Manufacturability*

Tripar will review your component designs to try to find ways to reduce unit cost. Techniques employed include modifying the design to reduce the number of manufacturing operations required, to make the part or tooling required more robust, improve production speed, utilizing existing (or modified) Tripar tooling (we have over 1500 dies and 300 CNC punches), reducing material costs (through thinner material, different spec or using Tripar stocked material) and more.

*Much of this is explained in two of our TriparTech publications; see: DFM, Part I & DFM, Part II

CAD 3D Design

Tripar will create the 3D or solids models of your components and the flat development (if applicable), produce an unbranded drawing (both Solidworks and PDF) and offer a selection of other CAD file formats (e.g. DXF). This will all be securely provided digitally to the client in a zip folder. 

Samples / Prototyping

For CNC produced parts, Tripar is able to produce 5 samples of each component. Stamped samples can also be manufactured, depending on the die/tooling requirements. For pricing please contact your customer service rep or

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