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A family business that cares

Tripar was founded in Montreal in 1949 by Ben Sevack and remains a family-run company. Tripar went to its 2nd generation when Ben’s son Lloyd, P.Eng, (on the left) joined in 2001. Lloyd’s daughter Lauren (on the right) joined the company in 2013, bringing three generations into one. Ben, our founder (the gentleman in the middle) is now over 100 years old.

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The 30-Second Tripar Story

Over the last 70+ years, Tripar went from a small metal stamping shop in Montreal to becoming the “gold standard” in the OEM lighting industry with a 67,500 sq.ft. facility; offering you a complete range of metal stamping and CNC metal fabrication capabilities to suit your needs.

Our success is in big part because we go above and beyond for clients. Not only do we invest in the latest technologies, we offer clients the highest quality, engineering & design assistance, manufacturing and delivery, at great prices and lead times so OEMs can thrive in their markets. 

We aim to be the easiest company you’ll ever work with — while providing you the most innovative products at the lowest possible cost.

Many clients have worked with us for 10 to 30 years

We work multiple industries: lighting, HVAC, warehouse racking, consumer goods, aerospace, renewable energy, etc.

See what the fuss is all about. Our President Lloyd Sevack speaks.

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To help clients convert their metal stamping & fabrication problems and needs into innovative solutions; with quality, precision, and cost-effectiveness in mind.


To partner with every client for life and be a strategic partner.

We continuously invest in R&D, product development and our manufacturing capabilities to create new & strategic opportunities, enabling us to strengthen our reputation as being as one of the most skilled and respected manufacturers exploiting the duality of metal stamping and fabrication technologies.

Tripar is the largest stamped & fabricated metal components supplier for the OEM lighting industry. We strive to do the same for other industries through proven principles of collaboration.

The Tripar Advantage

What sets us Apart

1. Strategy

We continuously strengthen our R&D, product development and manufacturing capabilities to create new & strategic opportunities.

2. Collaborative Approach

Exploiting our proven principles of collaborating with customers to solve their problems with innovative solutions, quickly, and cost-effectively.

3. Design for Manufacturability

When you request a quote, our Estimating and Design Engineering team may question certain aspects of your design. Why do we do this? To simplify your design using DFM principles to save you money.

4. Hybrid Manufacturing

We're on one of few manufacturers who can offer both metal stamping and CNC fabrication. We scale to your business needs, offering you a range of options and multiple cost-effective solutions.

5. Unbeatable Engineering

In addition to DFM, we offer pre-production assistance of various levels, including 3D Modelling, Technical drawing creation and Prototyping.

6. Risk Mitigation

We won't arbitrarily quote and tell you of issues once you place an order. We will address all product & design concerns in the quoting phase. So you never have to worry about hidden costs or extra rework fees.

Our OEM clients appreciate quality, speed, reliability, and how to best use metal components in their products

Also, those in the lighting industry also appreciate our huge component line, plus the fact that we know, understand, and respect applicable UL standards. All appreciate that we quickly react to requests such as rush orders and design modifications. Through lean manufacturing, we pass on our savings to clients.

Turn Your Ideas Into Production

Historical Timeline

Tripar is Founded
Ben and David Sevack, who were both born and educated in the UK, immigrate to Canada after serving for the Royal Engineers in the British army in the Second World War and start a small metal stamping shop called ‘Tripar’ on Hays Avenue in Montreal, Canada.
Tripar’s First Catalog
Tripar’s 1st catalog launched, consisting of 250 parts, with an emphasis on Tripar’s ability to offer both standard as well as custom parts to meet customer needs. Today we still work by this philosophy.
Tripar's 10th Anniversary
Tripar celebrates its 10th Anniversary by purchasing 130,000 sq.ft of land located on Maurice Duplessis Boulevard on the island of Montreal to build their new factory.
Construction of Tripar’s new Factory
Tripar’s new factory was 10,000 sq.ft., a huge upgrade from the 4500 sq ft building on Hays Avenue.
1st Expansion of the Factory
1st expansion of the factory of 6,000 sq. ft. increasing the total capacity to 16,000 sq. ft.
20th Anniversary – 2nd Expansion
Tripar celebrates its 20th Anniversary by completing its 2nd expansion of the factory by 17,000 sq. ft. Total capacity now 33,000 sq. ft.
Tripar and the CFIB
Tripar become a founding member of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).
3rd Expansion of Factory
The 3rd expansion of the factory by 12,000 sq. ft., increased total capacity to 45,000 sq. ft.
Ben and Robert Bourassa
Ben and Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa discussing potential tax changes for independent business in canada.
30th Anniversary – 4th Expansion
Tripar celebrates its 30th Anniversary by completing its 4th expansion of the factory, adding 22,500 sq. ft. Total capacity now 67,500 sq. ft.
Montreal Board of Trade Award
Ben and David receive an award from the Montreal Board of Trade in celebration of 35 years of successful business.
1st US Patent
Patent No: US 5,475,578 – Aligning beaded fastener assembly for lighting fixtures.
2nd US Patent
Patent No: US US 5,620,248 – Variable aligning beaded fastener assembly for lighting fixtures.
50th Anniversary
At the end of the millennium Tripar celebrates its 50th Anniversary.
Two Generations of the Sevack Family
David Sevack retires as Treasurer secretary and Ben’s Son, Lloyd Sevack, joins Tripar and becomes Vice-President. Lloyd studied Mechanical Engineering at Concordia University in Montreal and brings 15 years of experience working for Computing Devices and Lee Valley.
55th Anniversary
In 2004 Tripar celebrates its 55th anniversary by getting its 3rd US Patent: US 6,719,438 – spring for securing trims in recessed lighting housings.
CFIB Recognition
At the 35th Anniversary of the CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business), Tripar receives an award for being a founding member of 36 Years!!
Innovation Prize from CSST (Quebec Safety Board)
Innovation Prize from CSST (Quebec Safety Board) for Tripar’s development of its box lifter.
Prix Estim – Best Manufacturer
Tripar is proud to announce being awarded the prestigious Estim. This award is presented annually by the Chamber of Commerce offering recognition to companies for exceptional success in their area of specialty. Tripar, was nominated in two different categories, Exporter, and Manufacturer, and received this award in the category of Best Manufacturer
4th US Patent Estim – Best Manufacturer
Patent No: US 7,7374,308 – Linear spring clip for securing lighting housings into mounting frames.
60th Anniversary
Tripar celebrates its 60th Anniversary, investing in a new CNC laser to have more flexible production capabilities.
5th US Patent
Patent No: US 7,748,869 – Recessed lighting fixtures with projector accessory.
6th US Patent
Patent No: US 7,748,869 – Recessed lighting fixtures with projector accessory.
Three Generations of the Sevack Family
Lauren Sevack (Lloyd’s daughter) joins Tripar as our Sales & Marketing Executive; now the third generation of the Sevack family working for Tripar. Lauren studied at Concordia University in Montreal and brings with her experience of Sales & Marketing, Public Relations and Customer Management.
65th Anniversary
2014 marks Tripar’s 65th anniversary, during which we are investing in new equipment to increase our production capabilities, and fully renovating our offices. Upon completion we will host an open house for our suppliers, customers and employees.
CNESST Safety Award
In December 2016 Tripar were awarded a Quebec ‘CNESST’ (the Quebec equivalent of OHSHA) safety award. Tripar developed a concept whereby a factory worker can hitch a heavy metal components storage container to one of our electric pallet trucks to safely relocate it to our required manufacturing cell. It was proposed by an factory worker through ‘Tripar’s Suggestion Program’. Its success has greatly reduced the chance of injury and sped up the task for the worker.
‘Prix Estim’ Best Exporter Award
2017 was the 29th edition of the Eastern Montreal Chamber of Commerce Awards, Tripar was a finalist for a “Prix Estim” in two categories: Best Manufacturer Best Exporter The award ceremony was a great evening, with many companies from Montreal coming together the celebrate their great innovation, success, and growth. Tripar ended the evening by winning the Best Exporter award due to our continued success within the USA and Europe, also running up in the Best Manufacturer category.
7th US Patent
Patent No: US 10,006,613 – Bar hanger with substantially identical members for recessed luminaires.
CNC Laser/Punch Combo
Tripar has expanded its metal fabrication capabilities over the years with a CNC laser, several CNC Press Breaks, and just last year a brand new CNC Punch/Laser Combination Machine. This incredibly versatile machine often permits the complete processing of workpieces, since many features can be achieved in a single operation; not only punching & laser cutting, but also tapping, forming, bending, extruding, marking of components, and more!
8th US Patent
Patent No: US D819,879 – Commercial L-Bar™ Hanger.
Tripar’s Open House
On September 24th, 2019 Tripar celebrated its 70th anniversary, opening its doors to the public for 3 consecutive days. We had the pleasure of welcoming the founder of Tripar, Ben Sevack as well as Caroline Bourgeois, mayor of Rivière-des-Prairies, Karim Elfilali of the City of Montreal and Simon Gaudreault and Marie Quesnel of the CFIB.
70th Anniversary
2019 marks Tripar’s 70th anniversary, during which we are continuing to invest in new equipment to increase our production capabilities. In addition we will host an open house for our suppliers, customers and employees.
20,000,000th #1287 Sold
2020 marks the year when we sold our 20,000,000th item #1287 Bar Hanger. It's the best selling item in Tripar history!
70th Anniversary XMAS Party
On December 20th, 2019 Tripar hosted a special holiday party for all its employees and their significant other to celebrate its 70th anniversary.
9th US Patent
Patent No: US 11,085,615 B2 – Plaster Frame With Adjustable Opening For Recessed Luminaires.
Aida 220 Ton Press
In 2021 Tripar expands its press capabilities by acquiring AIDA 220 Ton Press - Our strongest yet!
Trumph Trupunch 1000s
In 2022 Tripar expands its CNC capabilities by acquiring 3 CNC Punches machines - We have 3 x Trumph Trupunch 1000s!
Appointment of CAO & COO
In 2023 we announced significant organizational changes, appointing Lauren Sevack as the new Chief Administrative Officer and Andrew Gordon-Stewart as the Chief Operations Officer.
Founder turns 100! years old
Tripar's founder, Ben Sevack turned 100 years old on May 23rd! Born in London in 1923, Ben aided the war effort during WWII and later moved to Canada, where he established the "Tripar Stamping & Mfg. Co. Inc." in Montreal.
25,000,000th #1287 Sold
2023 marks the year when we sold our 25,000,000th item #1287 Bar Hanger. It's the best selling item in Tripar history!
Amada HG 1003
In 2023 Tripar expands its CNC capabilities by acquiring Amada HG 1003 press break with auto-tool changer!
75th Anniversary
2024 marks Tripar’s 75th anniversary: a huge milestone! We are continuing to invest in new equipment to increase our production capabilities. A new logo has been designed to celebrate!