Tripar has a full range of CNC fabrication equipment to manufacture whatever your sheet metal requirements may be.

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment

Additional Capabilities:



Modular Tooling


Metal Assembly

Spot welding, riveting
and clinch joining

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Design & Quality

Design for Manufacturability

Tripar has an incredibly dynamic, creative and knowledgeable design team. When a drawing and/or CAD model (Solidworks & others) is provided by the client, we always review it to ensure its economic manufacturability and freely provide suggestions to make it so. After a collaborative exchange, it is up to the client to decide which version of their product they would like us to produce. Simply bring us your concepts and Tripar will give you innovative solutions.

Quality Control

Throughout our organization, we try to put ourselves into your shoes so that dealing with us is as easy as possible. We have a strong quality control program built upon CSA Standard CAN3-Z299.4-85. If an issue arises, it is resolved as quickly as possible and a full case report will be shared with you.