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Metal Stamping Specialist

Founded By Ben Sevack in 1949, Tripar Inc. is a Montreal-based manufacturer of stamped metal components and a recognized leader across a diverse industry, particularly the lighting sector. A family-run business that is today led by President Lloyd Sevack, Ben’s son, the company has seen tre- mendous growth over nearly 65 years in operation.

Moving to its current location in 1960, Tripar Inc.’s facility has undergone four expansions over the years to its present size of 65,000 square feet. Through best practices and a continued commitment to offering optimal quality, design assistance and delivery, plus competitive pricing, Tripar Inc. has established its reputation in the marketplace as a caring organization, from its dedicated employees to its commitment toward offering the highest level of customer service.

“We always try to solve customer problems at the lowest possible cost to the client,” Se- vack told The Canadian Business Journal. “We give customers the kind of service you don’t get from many other companies. As an example, our prices are tied very closely to material pricing, so if the price of steel is less than it was at the time of their last order, the customer will see a lower price on their purchase order acknowledgement.”

Tripar Inc.’s vision as a company is reflected through its client relationships, where its proud name means that it offers the highest quality of products each and every time. The customer is put first and as a result the company has estab- lished a significant repeat client base through its long history in the industry.

New Markets

Lloyd, with his sales team, have been instrumen- tal in expanding Tripar Inc.’s business into new markets, most recently Europe. Previously, much of the Tripar Inc. operation was in Canada with a local focus on Quebec, whereas today more than 65 per cent of the company’s business comes from the United States as well as select Euro- pean markets, such as Belgium, where there is an increasing demand for its metal fabricated parts. In the United States, American industry leaders have sourced the expertise of Tripar Inc. In Europe, many businesses seeking to enter the North American market have looked to Tripar Inc. for its knowledge and experience in these mar- kets. Andrew Gordon-Stewart, Marketing Manag- er, has been brought into Tripar this year to help develop these markets further.

“We have European customers looking to expand and diversify into the United States and they’re coming to us, as expanding into new markets helps spread the risk,” Gordon-Stewart explained. “The United States is active and is growing as a market for us each month. In the next five years, our goal is to double our size as a company and one key to this is European compa- nies entering North America.

“Our main focus is stabilizing the Canadian market where we have a great client base across the country. In terms of the United States, we have strong representation and we’re looking to increase our market. Europe is the newest market with real growth potential, where it certainly helps that we’re a multilin- gual company, being able to converse in five different languages when working with Euro- pean countries.” Sevack added, “One of the core reasons behind our expansion to  European  companies is that the construction methods [in Europe] are quite different; they use a lot of concrete where- as in North America you will see a lot more  wood frame construction, necessitating a whole array of stamped lighting components to meet local electrical codes. Our short to mid-term targets are growth in annual sales, and growing and diversifying our customer base.”

Product Quality

The global economy has pressured the manufac- turing sector and at Tripar Inc. the effect of the recession was no doubt realized. Nevertheless, through its commitment to its growing client base and in consistently providing only the highest quality service and products, the impact due to the recession was short-lived, and the company quickly rebounded.

Moving forward, Tripar Inc. continues to advance the latest techniques as it relates to lean manufacturing and improved efficiencies in offering the best possible products at the best possible price point to its satisfied customer base. The company is continually investigating elements such as reduced lead time, advanced automation, as well as enhanced equipment ca- pacity as methods to improve its service offering. Tripar Inc. truly cares about putting forward the best possible end product, to the point that the company incentivizes its team to bring forward their suggestions to improve operations.

Tripar Inc. continues to be at the forefront of the metal stamping industry, offering leading technology and specialization to serve custom- ers with timely, innovative, and cost competitive solutions. CBJ

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