In Loving Memory of Ben Sevack

Ben Sevack, Lloyd Sevack and Lauren Sevack

Montreal, QC — It is with deep sadness that Tripar Inc. announces the passing of their beloved founder Ben Sevack, who left us peacefully on April 15, 2024, at the age of 100. Mr. Sevack was not only a visionary in the metal stamping and lighting industries but also a steadfast leader and a cherished mentor to many during his incredible life. 

Ben established Tripar Inc. in 1949. With a pioneering vision, he built the company from the ground up and focused on growth. Over the first 50 years, Ben bought 130,000 sq.ft. of land, built our original factory and expanded it 4 times to the 67,500 sq ft facility that we still occupy today. His foresight and dedication laid the foundation for Tripar being a successful manufacturer known for its innovation and excellence. 

In 2001, after more than five decades of leadership and commitment to the company and its employees, Ben was joined by his son Lloyd making Tripar a 2nd generation company and together they evolved Tripar’s capabilities by adding CNC fabrication. Lloyd took over the leadership of the company and in 2013 Lauren, Lloyd’s daughter and Ben’s Granddaughter, joined Tripar making it a 3rd generation family business. For a few years all three generations were able to work together, and they continue to uphold the values and mission instilled by Ben. 

Ben’s legacy extends far beyond the walls of Tripar Inc. His contributions to the industry have been invaluable, including being one of the founding members of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) which now represents over 95,000 companies. His leadership style—marked by integrity, humility, and kindness—has left a lasting impact on all who had the privilege to work alongside him. 

As we mourn the loss of a truly incredible man, we also celebrate his monumental life and achievements. Ben’s spirit will forever remain a guiding light for Tripar Inc. We proudly wear the Tripar logo on our chest and continue to work the “Tripar Way”. We extend our deepest condolences to the Sevack family, and to everyone whose life Ben touched. 

Ben, you will forever be missed

ben sevack
Tripar 3 generation Sevack family working together
Ben Sevack, Lloyd Sevack and Lauren Sevack

Our Patent Strategy: Innovation at Fair Prices

stackable trapezoid IC boxes

In the world of patents, balancing innovation with fair pricing is key. Yet, it’s no secret that some companies overcharge for their intellectual property, but not us!

At Tripar, we prioritize moderation and fair pricing. Which is why we have great relationships with OEM clients, many spanning decades. As North America’s largest supplier of CNC fabricated & stamped metal components to the lighting industry, we are constantly developing new solutions to meet our client’s needs. Much of our expertise are in the mechanical details of luminaires; focusing on critical but often hidden parts (unappreciated by the end user) that are vital to manufacturers, installers, and service providers in the lighting market.

To do this, we actively listen to our customers; whether they are voicing concerns about existing components or suggesting new product ideas. This valuable feedback fuels innovation. And we often involve customers in confidential phases of our product development to ensure those solutions in fact meet their needs. All of this of course comes at a cost which we’re glad to pay; knowing the outcome is always superior lighting solutions (and increased sales) to fund R&D activities.

We have 9 patents and growing; see our full list here. (Personally, I am an inventor and co-inventor on 28 patents; the difference from a previous life before I joined Tripar). Our reasons for not overcharging is clear:

  1. To offer these components at great value. Thus, enabling OEMs to sell more and buy more from us, generating the revenue necessary to cover R&D costs—a full circle of benefits.
  2. It’s always been our company’s philosophy to solve client’s problems at the lowest possible cost—it’s in our DNA.
  3. We only charge what we need to to make a necessary profit.
  4. To deter copycats. We keep our margins modest, encouraging them to copy overpriced products from other companies.

In short, we see it as good business. A win-win-win.

Here are my 3 favorite patented products:

Simply taper the sides to allow nesting to within 1”; saving over 50% in shipping costs

Adjustable hole achieved with only 6 leaves. People who see it scratch their heads while nodding at its versatility

Done differently than anything in the past, offering a whack of new & unique features

Now you know more about Tripar and how we put customers first. 

Lloyd Sevack
President, Tripar Inc.