30th Anniversary – 4th Expansion

Tripar celebrates its 30th Anniversary by completing its 4th expansion of the factory, adding 22,500 sq. ft. Total capacity now 67,500 sq. ft.

Ben and Robert Bourassa

Ben and Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa discussing potential tax changes for independent business in canada.

Tripar and the CFIB

Tripar become a founding member of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

20th Anniversary – 2nd Expansion

Tripar celebrates its 20th Anniversary by completing its 2nd expansion of the factory by 17,000 sq. ft. Total capacity now 33,000 sq. ft.

10th Anniversary

Tripar celebrates its 10th Anniversary by purchasing 130,000 sq.ft of land located on Maurice Duplessis Boulevard on the island of Montreal to build their new factory.

Tripar’s First Catalog

Tripar’s 1st catalog launched, consisting of 250 parts, with an emphasis on Tripar’s ability to offer both standard as well as custom parts to meet customer needs. Today we still work by this philosophy.

Tripar is Founded

Ben and David Sevack, who were both born and educated in the UK, immigrate to Canada after serving for the Royal Engineers in the British army in the Second World War and start a small metal stamping shop called ‘Tripar’ on Hays Avenue in Montreal, Canada.