Slim Airtight Junction Box (2-1/8” tall)

Our new Slim Airtight Junction Box* measures only 2-1/8” tall (x 5-7/8” wide x 1-7/8” deep; 21 offering two significant benefits;

  • the 5-7/8” length allows for installation flexibility of long drivers, and,
  • the 2-1/8” cover height allows for withdrawal through such small ceiling openings!


Like our other airtight Junction Boxes, the Slim J-Box and mating covers are also available on their own;

  • Snap-on inner junction box cover (#1742-31) is available with a variety of hole patterns for driver mounting and wire passage.
  • Outer cover (#1742-30) is affixed using two 8-32 self-tapping screws.

Our first application of the Slim J-Box is on our Mini Airtight I.C. Box; #1775-11(AT), but is also available on our existing range of airtight IC Boxes upon request.

*Like our other Airtight Junction Boxes, this may be coupled/stacked together for volume expansion; please click here.

To obtain more information please contact our Sales Team at

Mini Airtight I.C. Box, 2-1/4” High

Reduced ceiling space + little thought for downlighting requirements = Need for lower profile IC boxes.

Responding to ever-reducing height requirements, we are pleased to introduce our lowest height Airtight IC Box yet; our Mini at only 2-1/4” tall. Like our Ultra Shallow (3-1/2” tall) IC Box1, this one also measures 9-5/8” long x 8-1/2” wide. Fitted with our 1286 series plaster frames, the overall footprint remains the same as the plaster frame; 11-3/4” long x 8-1/2” wide. With the box sealed using the same proven methods as all our AT series IC boxes (all joints caulked), and our AT series plaster frames (gasketed underside where it mates with the IC Box), the same restricted airflow performance is obtained (<2 cfm).

The Mini I.C. Box comes with the Slim Airtight Junction Box (also available on its own; #1781-92-1 measuring only 2-1/8” tall x 5-7/8” wide x 1-7/8” deep (21, offering two significant benefits;

  • 5-7/8” length allows for installation flexibility of long drivers, and, 
  • 2-1/8” cover height allows for withdrawal through small ceiling openings!

1 In May 2019, we introduced our Small Ultra Shallow I.C. Box (3-1/2” tall), available in both Chicago Plenum, and Ultra-Airtight versions; please click here. These contain our standard airtight Junction Box (1281-92-1, measuring 3-3/16” tall x 4-7/8” wide).

2 Like our other Airtight Junction Boxes, this may be coupled/stacked together for volume expansion; please click here.

To obtain more information please contact our Sales Team at

Industrial Technician/Technologist

Your professional responsibilities:

Under the supervision of the Production Manager, he technician/technologist will join our team to participate in various projects affecting production, most particularly:

  • Support production in terms of methods, work organization and standardization. Create reliable production procedures and methods
  • Propose ideas for improving standards, processes and working methods and actively participate in their implementation
  • Validate actual manufacturing times and readjust ranges and methods as needed;
  • Design the layout of workstations, work cells and the factory in general;
  • Design and ensure the manufacture of internal jigs and tools necessary for the manufacture of products;
  • Manage internal jigs and tools;
  • Supervise the manufacture of acceptance documents (samples)
  • Perform all necessary follow-ups to ensure efficient production
  • Participate in continuous improvement projects of productivity and OHS
  • Determine the corrective and preventive actions to be implemented.
  • Work with operators, team leader and supervisors;
  • Participate in continuous improvement projects of productivity and OHS
  • Reorganization of workstations, ergonomics and OHS
  • Support the maintenance team and preventive maintenance logistics
  • Be the internal contact for all external technical support
  • Provide support to the engineering and submission department.
  • All other related tasks that may be assigned to him by his supervisor.


  • Master in machining techniques.
  • College diploma (DEC) in industrial engineering, mechanics, or related field;
  • Experience between 1 and 3 years in a similar position;
  • Proficiency in computers and Microsoft Office;
  • French and English (spoken and written)
  • Experience in an industrial environment;
  • Knowledge of drawing software (Solidworks)
  • Knowledge of metal transformation processes, an asset.
  • Experience (operation, programming and / or maintenance) with CNC metal fabrication machines; laser, punching machine (combination), folding machine in asset (ideally Trumpf and Amada)
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Rigor and attention to detail;
  • Problem solving skills;
  • Autonomy and good judgment;
  • Focused on continuous improvement;
  •  Demonstrates initiative and versatility in their work;
  • Punctual and diligent.


Job Summary

Reporting to the Production Supervisor, the person holding this position has as main task to see to the operation of the manufacturing machines, used to form, stamp, shear, bend, straighten, groove, punch, wind, notch, shape , cut etc. parts, sheets or products of metal.

Main Tasks

  • Read, interpret and understand work orders;
  • Positions the part on the machine table against the stops and guides; align marks with dies and blades;
  • Introduction of materials into the machine;
  • Monitors and controls the progress of the operation;
  • Can work on less conventional equipment (laser, press brake, shears, spot welding)
  • Packaging, boxing and pallet placement operations;
  • Detects irregularities;
  • Checks the result according to quality standards;
  • Classify reusable waste when required;
  • Performs handling work when required;
  • Performs certain adjustments and safety checks on machines and accessories as needed;
  • Data recording in Profit Key;
  • All other related tasks;

Technical Skills

  • Know how to read, measure, interpret and understand work orders
  • Ability to effectively use the bar code system
  • Good knowledge of the adjustment and operation of the machinery
  • Good knowledge of measurement and verification tools

Required Skills

  • Autonomy and versatility
  • Initiative
  • Adaptation to changes
  • Ease of planning and organizing
  • Ability in communication and teamwork
  • Skilled in training and knowledge transfer
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Meticulous

Technical Specialist / Estimator

Job Summary

The person holding this position will be in charge of estimation, design and modeling of drawings within the company.

Main Tasks


  • Prepare the submissions for new business prospects;
  • Determine the most efficient way to produce a part for the required volume;
  • Estimate or participate in the estimation of new tooling and / or tooling modifications required;
  • Estimate the operational rate of production;
  • Calculate all costs of material, tools required and subcontracted operations (if applicable) as well as labor times;
  • Provide suggestions and solutions to improve manufacturing costs;
  • Create or modify the products, BOM (list of materials), RTG (routing) ,as well as other specifications in the ERP (Profit Key) system, inspection and quality criteria
  • For technical issues and questions, communicate directly with the customer or via the sales department, and provide support to the sales department
  • All other related tasks;


  • Design and modeling of drawings with CAD (Solid Works);
  • Development of new products;
  • Ensure the optimization of production by producing or modifying precise and relevant technical drawings;
  • Engineering studies;
  • CNC Laser (Metallix) & Punching (Trutops) programming
  • All other related tasks;

Required Skills

  • Ability to make quick and efficient decisions
  • Strong skills in design and modeling in CAD (SolidWorks)
  • Research and development skills
  • Bilingual technical vocabulary (both oral and written)
  • Proficient in the “MS Office” suite
  • Ability to effectively use and train on the ERP system (Profit Key)
  • Rigorous in creating precise and relevant inspection characteristics

General Abilities

  • Innovation and improvement spirit
  • Capability to adapt to change
  • Organized and efficient in managing his time and prioritizing his work
  • Analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Autonomy and versatility
  • Rigor in the application
  • Methodical
  • Skilled in training and knowledge transfer

Laser cutter operator

Job Summary

Under the responsibility of the production supervisor, the tasks consist of operating and adjusting the laser cutting machine (CNC control), ensuring quality control, respecting plans and times, preventing losses as well as seeing to maintenance and the cleanliness of the workplace and all other related tasks.

Main Tasks:

  • Ensure quality control
  • Adjust the laser cutting machine (CNC control)
  • Respect plans and times
  • Loss prevention
  • Ensure the maintenance and cleanliness of the workplace
  • All other related tasks

Required Skills:

  • Master plan reading;
  • Master metric and imperial measurements;
  • Good knowledge of sheet metal;
  •  Experience with Amada lasers
  • Have a good speed of execution
  • Experience on shears and press brake (an asset)
  •  Any other knowledge and / or experience in the field of metals will be considered as important assets.
  • Autonomous and resourceful

Laser/Punch Operator

Job Summary

Reporting to the Production Supervisor, the person holding this position has as main task to see to the complete adjustment of the manufacturing machines used to form, stamp, shear, bend, straighten, groove, punch, wind, notch, shape, cut etc. parts, sheets or products of metal.

Main Tasks:

  • Perform the assembly and selection of tools according to the specifications of the drawings and roadmaps.
  • Set up the material to be cut
  •  Select the programs (laser and punching machine)
  • Adjust the machine.
  • Operate the CNC punching machine and / or laser to manufacture the parts required by the customer.
  • Inspect the cut parts according to the established frequency
  • Perform preventive maintenance on the equipment by following the procedures in place.
  •  Look for and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Perform other related duties

Required Skills:

  • DEP in precision sheet metal work or relevant experience
  • 2-3 years of experience
  • Knowledge of AMADA / TRUMPF equipment (an asset)
  • Skills in mathematics and reading drawings
  • Knowledge of measurement tools
  •  Ability to solve technical problems
  • Knowledge of the different types of metal sheets
  •  Quality oriented in all aspects of work
  • Autonomous and resourceful

Reshoring back to Tripar

Tripar recently received an RFQ from a US based OEM for 20,000 of its 1287 bar hangers. A quote was provided, and we received a P.O. – nothing unusual but one thing; the ship to address was China!

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Job Summary

As a leader in metal stampings and metal fabrication for over 70 years located in Montreal, under the authority of the Sales and Marketing Manager, We are looking for a Business Development Representative to seek new business opportunities by contacting and developing relationships with potential customers, while also supporting the customer service team with RFQ’s from existing customers. To be successful in this role, you should have previous experience developing leads, and use your communication skills to cultivate strong relationships with customers, from first contact until you close the deal.

Main Tasks

  • Generate leads
  • Qualify leads as sales opportunities
  • Contact potential clients through cold calls, emails and visits (Montreal area post covid)
  • Present our company and capabilities to potential clients
  • Identify client needs and suggest appropriate products/services
  • Customize product solutions to increase customer satisfaction
  • Support customer service team to build long-term trusting relationships with clients
  • Manage all RFQ’s (new client and existing) by working with the Technical & Estimating Team
  • Proactively seek new business opportunities in the market
  • Perform RFQ follow up calls
  • Report to the Sales & Marketing Manager on (weekly/monthly/quarterly) results
  • Stay up-to-date with new products/services and new pricing/payment plans

Technical Skills

  • Proven work experience for a manufacturer, in a Business Development Representative, Sales Account Executive, or similar role
  • Hands-on experience with multiple sales techniques (including cold calls)
  • Track record of achieving sales quotas
  • Experience with CRM software
  • Familiarity with MS Excel (analyzing spreadsheets and charts)
  • Understanding of sales performance metrics
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Ability to deliver engaging presentations
  • CEGEP or university degree in Marketing, Business Administration or relevant field
  • Capable of reacting quickly and efficiently
  • Diligence and effectiveness in working in a team
  • Bilingual- Masters English verbal and written
  • Knowledge or experience in Metal stamping and Metal fabrication a huge asset

General Abilities

  • Customer focused
  • Skilled in problem solving, able to handle challenges with customers efficiently and calmly
  • Promotes continuous improvement
  • Adapts well to changes
  • Positive and proactive attitude
  • Focused initiative and responsibility
  • Attention to details
  • Team player