Slim Airtight Junction Box (2-1/8” tall)

Our new Slim Airtight Junction Box* measures only 2-1/8” tall (x 5-7/8” wide x 1-7/8” deep; 21 offering two significant benefits;

  • the 5-7/8” length allows for installation flexibility of long drivers, and,
  • the 2-1/8” cover height allows for withdrawal through such small ceiling openings!


junction box for mini IC box

Like our other airtight Junction Boxes, the Slim J-Box and mating covers are also available on their own;

  • Snap-on inner junction box cover (#1742-31) is available with a variety of hole patterns for driver mounting and wire passage.
  • Outer cover (#1742-30) is affixed using two 8-32 self-tapping screws.

Our first application of the Slim J-Box is on our Mini Airtight I.C. Box; #1775-11(AT), but is also available on our existing range of airtight IC Boxes upon request.

IC box covers laser cut

*Like our other Airtight Junction Boxes, this may be coupled/stacked together for volume expansion; please click here.

To obtain more information please contact our Sales Team at

Mini Airtight I.C. Box, 2-1/4” High

Reduced ceiling space + little thought for downlighting requirements = Need for lower profile IC boxes.

Responding to ever-reducing height requirements, we are pleased to introduce our lowest height Airtight IC Box yet; our Mini at only 2-1/4” tall. Like our Ultra Shallow (3-1/2” tall) IC Box1, this one also measures 9-5/8” long x 8-1/2” wide. Fitted with our 1286 series plaster frames, the overall footprint remains the same as the plaster frame; 11-3/4” long x 8-1/2” wide. With the box sealed using the same proven methods as all our AT series IC boxes (all joints caulked), and our AT series plaster frames (gasketed underside where it mates with the IC Box), the same restricted airflow performance is obtained (<2 cfm).

The Mini I.C. Box comes with the Slim Airtight Junction Box (also available on its own; #1781-92-1 measuring only 2-1/8” tall x 5-7/8” wide x 1-7/8” deep (21, offering two significant benefits;

  • 5-7/8” length allows for installation flexibility of long drivers, and, 
  • 2-1/8” cover height allows for withdrawal through small ceiling openings!

1 In May 2019, we introduced our Small Ultra Shallow I.C. Box (3-1/2” tall), available in both Chicago Plenum, and Ultra-Airtight versions; please click here. These contain our standard airtight Junction Box (1281-92-1, measuring 3-3/16” tall x 4-7/8” wide).

2 Like our other Airtight Junction Boxes, this may be coupled/stacked together for volume expansion; please click here.

To obtain more information please contact our Sales Team at

Reshoring back to Tripar

Tripar recently received an RFQ from a US based OEM for 20,000 of its 1287 bar hangers. A quote was provided, and we received a P.O. – nothing unusual but one thing; the ship to address was China!

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Tripar Recessed Downlight Guide – 5th Edition

Tripar launched its Recessed Downlight Guide in 2017 to explain the mechanical aspects and requirements imposed by UL1598; the principal governing downlight luminaire specification for the North American market, offering a multitude of solutions. Our clients constantly refer to this guide, several of whom have referred to it as “their bible”!

In an effort to continuously support our clients, we always look to update this guide, and recently launched the 5th edition. As the largest stamped and fabricated metal components supplier to the lighting industry, we take pride in listening to and collaborating with our clients to develop innovative solutions and manufacture various new products that respect these standards.

Having identified gaps in the industry, Tripar’s R&D Department developed and brought to the market the following components, all of which, and so much more, are now featured in this 5th edition.

February 2021. J-Box Twist 32™ & Twist 64™ Series

Available with inside volume of either 32 or 64
Both series available with Z-Bracket, Flat or “Twist”.

October 2020. I.C. Boxes with Junction Box 70

Containing one of our largest junction boxes;
approx. 70

October 2019. T-Grid Plate

Available with ends flat or bent up 90°.
Accepts 1287 bar hangers.

May 2019. Black I.C. Boxes

Made of black pre-painted steel for maximum heat dissipation, and additional benefits, including smashing looks!

May 2019. Shutter™ Plaster Frame

Adjustable hole, from 3” to 5-1/2”,
in both round & square!

May 2019. Small Ultra Shallow I.C. Box

Available  in Chicago Plenum & Ultra-Airtight versions.
Fits with 1286 plaster frame series.
Attainable in black pre-painted steel.

April 2017. Universal Driver Boxes

Available in 2 sizes: Small (2-3/8” W x 1-5/8” H) & Large (4” W x 2” H) in variable length from 8” to 120”.

October 2016. Commercial L-Bar™ Hanger

Besides being incredibly robust, these identical bars mate together and offer over a dozen unique features.

For more information please read or download the 5th edition of the recessed guide, click here.

New Assemblies Configurator, Decorative Parts & Bar Hanger Load Tests

New Assemblies Configurator

Tripar’s online catalog has long since featured a wide selection of New Construction Assemblies, each of which now includes a dropdown allowing you to select from amongst the most common configurations. Doing so changes both the images and component list to match, as well as providing updated spec sheets showing the various configurations of each assembly on a single page.

This new ability to visualize our different assembly options allows us to showcase how our parts can be mounted and brought together in various forms to accommodate the evolving needs of our clients. To discover these new enhancements, please click here to visit our catalog.

We encourage you to play around with the various assembly configurations available and download the corresponding spec sheet to gather full details.

Decorative Parts

We have updated this section of our catalog, now showing our most popular items. As always, please contact us if you do not see what you are looking for!

Please click here to visit this catalog section.

Bar Hanger Load Test:
L-Bar™ 1487 vs. Bar Hanger 1287 – Mechanical performance

As a result of ongoing inquiries on the load bearing capabilities amongst our most popular bar hangers, Tripar’s Engineering Team recently conducted load testing on our 1287 Bar Hanger vs. our 1487 Commercial L-Bar Hanger. Both bar hangers were tested separately under different common mounting conditions. Click here to see the results of this test.

16 with 1487 Hanger Bar set_up 1

Newsletter Website updates & New Press Capabilities Added

New Website

We are happy to announce that new sections and content were added to our website to showcase our key capabilities that set us apart, these are:

Engineering Services

Tripar’s engineering ‘backbone’ allows us to support all required pre-production elements, from Design for Manufacturability, solids modeling (CAD), technical drawing creation, through to prototyping and sampling. This uniquely enables us to support our clients through all stages of the product manufacturing life cycle.

The Tripar Advantage – What sets us apart

As one of the most skilled and respected manufacturers in the industry, we proudly exploit the duality of metal stamping and fabrication technologies. We collaborate with our clients to solve their problems with innovative solutions, quickly, and competitively.

New Capabilities – 220 Ton Press

Tripar continues to invest in new functionality. We recently added the AIDA 2000 machine to our list of press capabilities and are looking forward to leveraging this 220 ton press – our biggest yet – as we continue to support our clients.

IC Boxes w/ Junction Box 70

We are pleased to introduce a new line of IC Boxes, the same as our proven Single Ceiling IC Boxes, but containing a much larger junction box (J-Box), measuring 7-7/8” long x 4-7/8” tall x 1-7/8” deep; approx. 70 hence the “70” in the description.

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