Tripar’s Open House

On September 24th, 2019 Tripar celebrated its 70th anniversary, opening its doors to the public for 3 consecutive days. We had the pleasure of welcoming the founder of Tripar, Ben Sevack as well as Caroline Bourgeois, mayor of Rivière-des-Prairies, Karim Elfilali of the City of Montreal and Simon Gaudreault and Marie Quesnel of the CFIB.

Pre-Painted Black I.C. Boxes

New Product Bulletin – Black I.C. Boxes

We are pleased to introduce a new line of Black I.C. Boxes!

Made of black pre-painted steel, both sides, in the same .027” min thickness steel to comply with UL1598, these offer the following advantages:

  • Increased heat dissipation: Being black, heat is absorbed more readily.
  • Visual absorption: Inside of I.C. box becomes almost invisible – especially important for large and/or multi-lamp cutouts.
  • Pre-painted steel: Far more cost effective than post painting.
  • Pre-painted steel: Leaves holes with bare metal, ensuring electrical continuity through metal fasteners; both screws & rivets.
  • Increased inside height: Utilizes the new single ceiling design of Tripar new #168X Series I.C.Boxes, offering an additional ½” inside height.
  • Aesthetics: They exude quality and look great!



These are offered in the same sizes as our current line of galvanized Chicago Plenum, as well as our Ultra Airtight I.C. Boxes – with black caulking to seal the joints instead of the standard white. As of Sept 2020, most of these are also available with larger Junction Box 70, please click here to read more about it.

As Tripar will be stocking this black material in both coil and sheet, custom sizes are also possible.

1 Requires Snap-on Inner J-Box Cover 1242-31 & Screw-on Outer J-Box Cover 1242-30.

2 Requires Snap-on Inner J-Box Cover 1442-31 & Screw-on Outer J-Box Cover 1442-30.

Intertek I.C.Box air leakage report:

To obtain more information please contact our Sales Team at

Small Ultra Shallow I.C. Box

New Product Bulletin – Small Ultra Shallow I.C. Box

Reduced above ceiling spaces + little consideration for lighting space requirements = increased need for low profile IC boxes.

To meet this equation, we are pleased to introduce our Small Ultra Shallow I.C.Box solution, available in both Chicago Plenum1 , and Ultra-Airtight versions.

The IC Box is only 3-1/2” tall, and measures 9-3/4” long x 8-1/2” wide. Using our airtight and proven full-size 1281-92-1 junction box, fitted within our 1286 series plaster frames, the overall footprint remains the same as the plaster frame; 11-3/4” long x 8-1/2” wide.

With the box sealed using the same proven methods as all our AT series IC boxes (gasketed underside of plaster frame where it mates with the IC Box, and with all joints caulked), the same restricted airflow performance is obtained (<2 cfm).

Like all of our I.C.Boxes, the inner snap-on junction box cover is available (#1242-31) with a variety of hole patterns for driver mounting and wire passage2. The outer cover (#1242-30) is screwed on using two 8-32 self-tapping screws.

The junction box and plaster frame are both made from galvanized steel, but the box components are available in either galvanized or prepainted black steel.
Note that the cover for the 1485 Series is our standard item #1242-30-10.

1 Chicago Plenum compliant.

2 Custom hole patterns also available. cu. in.

To obtain more information please contact our Sales Team at

Single Ceiling I.C. Boxes

New Product Bulletin – Single Ceiling I.C. Boxes

We are pleased to introduce an updated design to our proven lines of galvanized I.C. Boxes – available in both Chicago Plenum and Ultra Airtight (<2 CFM airflow). Made of the same .027” min thickness steel to comply with UL1598, these offer the following advantages:

  • Increased inside height: With two side panels replacing the double ceiling construction of its predecessor, these maintain the same outside dimensions while offering an additional ½” inside height.
  • Improved heat dissipation: With single-ceiling box construction (instead of two), heat dissipates easier. However for even greater heat dissipation, check out Tripar’s new range of Black I.C.Boxes…

Both the existing Double ceiling and the new Single Ceiling I.C. Boxes will remain available. However certain versions of these new Single Ceiling I.C. Boxes will be stocked by Tripar, resulting in better pricing due to economies of scale, and shorter lead-times.

Also available with large (70 J-Box, please click here to read the Product Bulletin.

Intertek I.C.Box air leakage report:

To obtain more information please contact our Sales Team at

Tripar Support System Kits

New Product Bulletin – Tripar Support System Kits

Tripar has a range of support systems including brackets and bar hanger components that are often purchased individually. Following customer feedback and always looking to enhance our offerings to the market, Tripar has developed a range of Kits to meet your support system needs. Each Kit is configured and packaged to the most commonly needed pairings. Please note custom kit pairing can be produced on request.

Discover our Kits


Kit includes


Kit includes


Kit includes


Kit includes


Kit includes


Kit includes


Kit includes

Benefits of these Kits include:

  1. OEM will have better inventory management.
  2. Easier transport of the light fixture with these components to the installation site.
  3. Easier installation onsite.
  4. Guarantee that the correct quantity of each component is provided.

To obtain more information about these products, or to request a custom kit to suit your particular requirements, please contact our Sales Team at

TriparTech: Pre Finished Material

This TriparTech gives an overview of all the characteristics and advantages of Pre Finished Materials, such as offering savings in the manufacturing process, transportation & material handling costs.

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Newsletter April 2019 New CNC Punch/Laser

New CNC Punch/Laser Combination machine:

Tripar has expanded its metal fabrication capabilities over the years with a CNC laser, several CNC Press Breaks, and just last year a brand new CNC Punch/Laser Combination Machine. This incredibly versatile machine often permits the complete processing of workpieces, since many features can be achieved in a single operation; not only punching & laser cutting, but also tapping, forming, bending, extruding, marking of components, and more!

Tripar Metal Fabrication

The machine is focused on between the time segment 0:20 to 0:45.

Please click here to watch more Tripar’s videos on our YouTube channel.

To fully benefit from this machine’s amazing design and manufacturing possibilities, we have produced our CNC Punch/Laser Design Guide, permitting you unlock its true potential. Please click here to download it.


In fact, some of you have had your parts quoted and produced on this machine without even knowing it; a testament to its competitiveness, versatility, and precision!