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New Product

Commercial L-Bar™ Hanger

New Product Bulletin – L-Bar™ Commercial Bar Hanger

In response to customer requests for a “commercial bar hanger”, we are pleased to unveil our L-Bars™. Besides having the robustness that so many have been demanding, these offer so many benefits and useful/logical features that we are convinced that they will become the new standard.

Consisting of identical L-shaped members, two L-Bars form a rigid ½” X 1 ½” C-Channel shape when assembled, fitting into the C-channel notches in Tripar’s 1254 Butterfly Bracket and most other Butterfly Brackets containing notches for C-Channel.

  1. Extendable to fit spacing from 12” spaced joists to 24” T-Bar
  2. Fastenerless extension locking – accessible from side or bottom
  3. Self-locking in Tripar’s 1254 Butterfly Bracket
  4. Marking lines for 16”, & 24” joist spacing & 24” T-Bar allow for locking before ceiling installation
  5. 36”-48” extension with addition of 1-2 more identical & locking L-Bars
  6. Integral formed & barbed nail
  7. Underside Tabs/slots for joist positioning, lateral adjustment, and even removal
  8. Bar slot and locking screw feature

For a more detailed feature overview, please click here to download it.
For quick start Instructions, please click here to download it.
Installation and product overview videos available at Tripar’s Commercial L-Bar™. This URL is also marked on each L-Bar – great for installers on-site!
Tripar’s Engineering Team conducted load testing on our 1287 Bar Hanger vs. our 1487 Commercial L-Bar Hanger.  Click here to see the results of this test.

To obtain more information please contact our Sales Team at

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