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Trapezoid Airtight IC Box* – The “TAT” Series

Introducing a new smart & ultra-compact IC box for OEMs everywhere

When is an IC Box not an IC Box? When it’s an IC Trapezoid! Say what?!?

Yes, we are pleased to offer a brand-new line of Trapezoid-shaped Airtight IC Boxes (the new “TAT” series), that nest to within 1″ of one another; reducing your storage space in your warehouse by a factor of 5-7X!

Now you can save on shipping costs from our facility to yours, and drastically reduce your inventory storage space requirements…all while retaining the same benefits of our proven line of Airtight (AT) IC Boxes.

Trapezoid IC Box with J-Box_resized_2
trapezoid IC boxes for OEMs

These smart ultra-compact IC boxes come without the airtight junction box installed to permit nesting, so you the OEM only need to pop rivet this on while assembling the rest of your fixtures.

The 6° sloped sides and four small bent tabs1 in each bottom corner prevent nested TATs from wedging together. The sloped sides also enhance serviceability, with improved access & visibility to the inner junction box cover. 

To permit nesting, these new TAT series have an outward flange2, and remain compatible with the same plaster frames (1286 series) 3 used on our traditional AT line of IC Boxes.

1Tabs contain a small hole (suitable for a #8 self-tapping screw, should you need to affix anything to the box), and are also perforated, allowing OEM to hand bend them out of the way if required.
2Inside length is 1-1/4” less than the traditionally shaped AT IC Box series counterparts.
3Larger Trapezoid box compatible with larger plaster frames (1486 Series) available upon request.

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Patent Pending.

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