Maintenance Team Leader


About us

Tripar Inc is a modern & progressive company in the manufacturing sector (metal fabrication & metal stamping), located in Montreal-East, QC. Our company is innovative, creative and customer-focused.

Key points of our working environment/culture :

  • On-the-job training
  • Flexible working hours
  • 4 day work week schedule
  • Strong benefits plan

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Job Summary

Reporting to the Production Manager, the Maintenance Team Leader oversees, plans, and acts (together with his/her maintenance team), the installation, adjustment, repair, inspection and maintenance of all machinery and tools within the company as well as general maintenance to building and associated services. In addition, the Team Leader acts as the main reference person within the maintenance team.

Main Tasks

  • Ensures the organization, planning and coordination of the daily activities of the maintenance team according to the directives of the Production Manager;
  • Provides ideas for improvements and problem solving;
  • Provides advice and support to the maintenance team;
  • Defines, proposes, designs and implements automation as needed;
  • Establishes necessary supplies for maintenance and automation projects;
  • Provides a daily (or weekly depending on the instructions the Production Manager) report on the progress of tasks;
  • Collaborates and organizes and planning of preventive, corrective or improvement maintenance work and interventions;
  • Inspects machinery, equipment, etc. to identify and correct defects; ;
  • Plans/Schedules repairs so as to interrupt production for the shortest & optimal possible time;
  • Installs, assembles, maintains & repairs mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronic & pneumatic equipment;
  • Communicates with manufacturers & suppliers as required to obtain outside services, solutions & components
  • All other related tasks;

Required Skills

  • Excellent electromechanical skills, possesses “C“ License
  • Ability to make quick decisions and demonstrate leadership
  • Knows how to read and interpret design plans, schematics, and other diagrams
  • Strong experiecne in electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic systems for the purpose of installation, diagnostics & repair
  • Strong skills in adjusting and operating machinery
  • Basic welding (Arc, TIG, MIG) and sheet metal work;
  • Good knowledge of measurement and verification tools
  • Understanding of preventive maintenance software (Interal an asset)

Additional Skills

  • Autonomy and versatility
  • Rigor and manual skill
  • Spirit of innovation and improvement
  • Adapts to changes
  • Logical and resourceful
  • Thoroughness and precision
  • Strong ability in communication and teamwork
  • Skilled in training and knowledge transfer
  • Sense of responsibility