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Newsletter January 2019 70th Anniversary

Tripar 70th Anniversary

1949-2019: Tripar, your trusted partner for 70 years and counting…

2019 marks Tripar’s 70th anniversary! Lloyd Sevack, President has written an open letter to mark the milestone.

To all our valued customers,

When can a company be called a legacy? If longevity and reputation are two measures, I think that Tripar can claim such status. Having been founded in 1949 by my uncle, David, and my Dad, Ben Sevack, my entry into the business in 2001, and the third-generation present, with my daughter, Lauren, Director of Human Resources, this year, 2019, marks our 70th anniversary!

Much has changed since Tripar’s founding, from a rented space with 3 employees and a few presses….Please click here to continue reading the full letter.

Canadian Fabrication and Welding Article

Tripar is featured in the latest (February, 2019) issue of Canadian Fabrication and Welding magazine. Click here to read more about all that Tripar offers, including some of our evolution, challenges, and how we are meeting them. Please click here.

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