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Newsletter September 2020 – Tripar New Slogan, Mission & Vision

Tripar’s New Slogan

Earlier this year we launched a contest, soliciting all at Tripar to come up with a new slogan. Objectives were that it;

  • be short and sweet
  • resonate with us all
  • capture the essence of who Tripar is

Besides having to select a slogan from amongst over 50 submissions, the added challenge was to select one that we felt would resonate with our many customers in the lighting industry, as well those from diverse industries who appreciate how we transform & change in metal in unique ways.

Congratulations to Sokhna & Alessandro for their following submissions;

  • Sokhna Sylla: “Innovation and creativity: the magic of metal”
  • Alessandro Tenza: “Bringing metal solutions to light”

which we combined into the singular slogan:

“Bringing the magic of metal to light”

We hope you like it!

Updated Mission & Vision

Over the last few years there have been many changes in technology, industry, our capabilities & personnel, and now worldwide with Covid-19. Through all of this Tripar’s has stuck to its core Mission and Vision. However, upon reviewing what we had published many years ago, we realised that this should evolve just as we have.We are both pleased and proud to share with you our updated Mission and Vision; statements that we sincerely believe represent what Tripar stands for:


To partner with each customer as a friend, converting their metal stamping & fabrication problems into innovative & collaborative solutions.


Continuously strengthen our R&D, product development and manufacturing capabilities to create new & strategic opportunities, enabling us to strengthen our reputation as being as one of the most skilled and respected manufacturers exploiting the duality of metal stamping and fabrication technologies. Tripar is the largest stamped & fabricated metal components supplier to the lighting industry. We strive to offer the same level of service to other industries through our proven principles of collaborating with customers to solve their problems with innovative solutions, quickly, and competitively.

When Lloyd Sevack, President of Tripar showed these to a few colleagues, an interesting question came up;

“Why is the comment “To partner with each customer as a friend…” important to you?”. After some reflection, he replied; “For at least two reasons:

  1. I firmly believe that when we freely offer comments on customer’s designs; be it to improve manufacturability, reduce cost, reduce risk, improve accuracy, and more, they see this as hugely helpful (and regrettably uncommon; they have told us so), and feel we are acting in their best interests, much as a friend would do.
  2. Being treated like a friend should not be unique in business, but I believe it is and try to drive this culture into all, so why not state it?!”

To those that have dealt with us, we sincerely hope these strike a chord with you. To those that have yet to, we hope these inspire you.

Manufacturing Capabilities expanded

2020 has been a unique year with everything going on in the world. However, Tripar remains proactive, always trying to improve our manufacturing capacities. We are therefore pleased to announce that we recently added a second Amada Laser Machine. Not including our 100+ presses and other manufacturing equipment, this now brings our CNC capabilities to 2 lasers, 1 punch/laser combination machine, and 5 press breaks. This combination of CNC metal fabrication & metal stamping processes allows us to achieve our vision “ solve our clients problems with innovative solutions, quickly, and competitively”.

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