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Newsletter December 2017 New Capabilities

New Capabilities

In keeping with Tripar’s vision to remain at the forefront of metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication technology, through 2017 Tripar have invested in many new capabilities; namely CNC milling, additional CNC Press breaks, Wire EDM and Heat treating. We continue to invest, with a state-of-the-art CNC machine (the first in Quebec and only the second in Canada) to be announced in early 2018. All these new capabilities allow Tripar to develop and manufacture increasingly innovative and superior components at the lowest possible cost.

More important to Tripar than our manufacturing capabilities is the quality and service we offer our clients. This is showcased best when Tripar’s engineering team work with clients to develop innovative solutions to meet client demands. Superb examples of this include:

  • Tripar’s L-Bar
  • Ultra-Airtight I.C. Box
  • Deep Drawn Cylinders

These three examples are the first of our “Success Stories”, which are now showcased on our website.

As also stated in our vision, we “Collaborate with customers to solve their problems with innovative solutions quickly, competitively, and at any volume”. Want to see what Tripar’s engineering team can do to help your business? Challenge us to see what can be achieved!


Every year we donate a portion of our profit to a selection of charities. Last year we donated several thousand dollars to 10 charities including the Heart Foundation, Quebec Cancer Foundation and the Montreal Children’s Hospital. We will continue supporting these charities again this year, and are pleased to announce we have decided to also launch an internal Holiday food and toy drive this season!

Tripar employees are collecting food for ‘The Sun Youth Foundation’; a local organization helping lower income families in the community with emergency services and food aid, among many other great initiatives. We will also be collecting toys for children at the ‘Montreal Children’s Hospital’; a hospital that is near and dear to all of our hearts. We are eternally thankful for their excellent care and services and are happy to do what we can to bring a smile to those kids faces who remain patients over this holiday season.

If you would like any more information on either of these topics, please contact Connie Muro at

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