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Case Study: The Benefits of Tripar UL1598 Standard Assemblies

The Problem

A lighting prospect of Tripar was looking to enter the North American market and to do so they needed to comply with the various regulations, mainly the use of I.C. Boxes and related above-ceiling stamped metal components.

The original designs comprised two different I.C. Boxes and plaster frame sizes to facilitate the single and double lamp options. Upon reviewing the designs only the junction box, cover and bar hangers were the same on both; the plaster frames and I.C. Boxes were completely different. To make what was requested it would have involved designing & manufacturing 7 new dies, for a total cost close to $100,000, plus over 20 weeks lead time.

Tripar always strives to see if our standard parts can replace those custom designed in order to reduce cost and lead time for the client. We established that we had standard products; in this case, an I.C. Box whose size was remarkably close to the client’s design, and a standard plaster frame in which the either a single or double oval cut-out could easily be introduced at very low cost.

The Solution

As per Tripar’s core value of always trying to solve the client’s problem at the lowest possible cost, we made the recommendation to use Tripar’s standard parts which consisted of:

  • 1685-11 I.C. Box, same one used for both designs
  • 1286 plaster frame, same progressive die stamped base frame but with laser cut holes
  • 1242 junction box cover, designed to fit with 1685-11 I.C. Box
  • 1287 bar hanger set, designed to slide into 1286 plaster frame

Samples were submitted to the customer, which easily passed the prescribed airflow test. An order for 3000 units was placed in July 2021 for delivery within 4 weeks, which we achieved.

The Result

Using Tripar’s knowledge and parts, these products quickly entered the North American market without having to spend up to $100,000+ on new dies or waiting 20+ weeks for their design and manufacture. As Tripar items are produced in high volumes, many of which are stocked, even if the client requests small volumes they already benefit from economies of scale.

Lead time is between 2 to 4 weeks depending on quantity, and the design allows for an easier UL testing to pass. To other European customers wanting to enter the North American market; before investing time and the expense of designing new parts, contact Tripar and send your luminaire drawing and any other requirements, allowing Tripar to suggest cost-effective and quick solutions.

To obtain more information about the Tripar Stocked Items download our Downlight UL1598 Assemblies catalog

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