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Ultra Airtight I.C. Box L:14-7/8, W:12, H:6-3/4

I.C.Boxes - Insulated Ceiling Boxes, Ultra Airtight (<0.2 cfm)

SKU: 1484-11AT / 1484BL-11AT

Ultra Airtight I.C. (<0.2 cfm) with UL caulking and gasketed Large J-Box 70, Large – Galv. or Pre-painted Black, Compatible with 1486-1-XXAT Plaster Frame Series.

2 options available:

#1484-11AT        – L 14.875″, W 12″, H 6.75″ – Galv
#1484BL-11AT   – L 14.875″, W 12″, H 6.75″ – Black


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