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#1483 Plaster Frame

Commercial Plaster Frame

Until now, our largest plaster frames (our 1283 series) contained reinforcing edges on only the two long sides, required the addition of pair of our 1280 Bar Hanger Brackets onto the narrow ends, and labour involved in riveting them on. It was also limited to a length of 15-11/16”, unless it was produced on our CNC laser at an added cost.

Tripar is pleased to offer our new 1483 series plaster frame in the same 12-1/8” width, available in both regular and Ultra-Airtight (gasketed) models, containing the following additional new features:

    1. Available in virtually any length; as short as 8”, and up to 120” long!
    2. Customizable hole size, including multiple holes and locations – whatever your requirement.
    3. 1” tall reinforcing edges on all 4 sides for much improved stiffness.
    4. Integral Bar Hanger pockets on the two ends; eliminating the need for two 1280 Bar Hanger Brackets.
    5. Face rivet holes for attaching our 1232 series junction boxes near any one of the 4 corners.
    6. To permit vertical adjustment with our 1254 Butterfly Brackets, contains side rivet holes for attaching our 1253 Sliding Brackets in multiple configurations, including our COMBAR system.
    7. Anti-vibration feature – Embossed ridges apply lateral pressure against bar hangers, eliminating any vibration noise.
    8. Bar Hanger locking tabs – Bend at your option so angled edge clinches on bar hanger.

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