Ultra Airtight IC Box

Ultra Airtight Insulated Ceiling Boxes*

Tripar are pleased to offer our new line of ultra-airtight insulated ceiling (IC) boxes in a variety of sizes, *designed for an airflow rate not exceeding 2 CFM, but achieved 0.2CFM in October 2017 testing, meeting the most stringent regulations:

• Fully caulked corners with UL traceable caulking
• Gasketed mating plaster frame surfaces.
• Gasketed mating surfaces of integral junction box.
• Double ceiling box with 7/16” airspace.
• Galvanized steel construction.
• Holes or other features can be added to suit special requirements.
• Plaster frames available with any hole size or other required features.

Plaster frame sold separately for ease of electrical components assembly, as are interior & exterior junction box covers.

Standard bar hangers (Tripar #1287) fit into integral bar slots of the plaster frames. For a Commercial bar hanger (Tripar #1487 L-Bar), these can be used with the addition of a butterfly bracket (Tripar #1254).

Intertek I.C.Box air leakage report October 2017:


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