Knockouts 101

This TriparTech provides an overview of knockout requirements in luminaires, which are governed by UL1598, Standard for Safety for Luminaires.

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Voice of Customer

Some of you were recently contacted for an exercise we referred to as “Voice of Customer” (VOC). Several themes emerged, and we are pleased to report on three elements Tripar has implemented; Finishing, Low Profile Insulated Ceiling (IC) Box & Engineering Services.

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Assemblages de Downlight UL1598 et nouvelles capacités de fabrication

Downlight Assemblies Catalog

In January 2021, Tripar added the Downlight UL1598 Assemblies section to its online catalog.   We are pleased to now offer this as a pdf; a concise 14-page easy print option, that still displays the different assembly options available.

Click here to download this new version of our online catalog.

New CNC Punch Press

We also recently acquired a new major piece of production machinery: another Trumpf, this time a TruPunch 1000 CNC Punch Press.

This further expands Tripar’s CNC metal fabrication capabilities, adding to its previous compliment of two CNC Lasers, a CNC Punch/Laser Combination machine, and a growing number of CNC Press Brakes. All of these, together with our huge compliment of metal stamping presses, allows Tripar to offer the Hybrid Manufacturing.

What’s Hybrid ManufacturingClick here to read our dedicated TriparTech on this subject.